Isidro Lopez Aparicio

Isidro Lopez Aparicio
Isidro Lopez Aparicio

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Catholic Religion every day is related with a Saint. In the tradition we use to celebrate our birthday and our Saint day (mine 15th of February, Madrid fair). This is something on our shoulders, people with histories of sacrifices, some very interesting, awesome images... this is disappearing. You celebrate you new rat year few weeks ago, us two months... . Do you have something similar? Does it have this visual and conceptual power? 
SantoralSaints of 27th Sunday february 2011
 Ana Line, Santa
Mártir, 27 de febrero
 José Tous y Soler, Beato
Sacerdote y Fundador, 27 de febrero
 Gabriel de la Dolorosa, Santo
Religioso Pasionista, 27 de febrero
 Francisca Ana de la Dolorosa Cirer Carboneli, Beata
Fundadora, 27 de febrero
 Juan de Gorze, Santo
Abad, 27 de febrero
 María de ka Caridad del Espíritu Santo Brader, Beata
Fundadora, 27 de febrero
 María de Jesús Deluil-Martiny, Beata
Fundadora, 27 de febrero
 Baldomero, Santo
Subdiácono, 27 de febrero
 Honorina, Santa
Virgen y Mártir, 27 de febrero
 Gregorio de Narek, Santo
Doctor de la Iglesia Armenia, 27 de febrero
 Besa de Alejandría, Santo
Mártir, 27 de febrero
 Otros Santos y Beatos
Completando santoral de este día, 27 de febrero
9490.22 Km of distance on relation between Isidro López-Aparicio (Monachil, Granada, Spain) & Gao Yuan (Beijin, China). Two artists, two creative minds in different surrounds but Joint by a commune interest to think and built in creative terms a piece of art in it’s own relation. Their distance is their lack and their strength. This invisible kms line, that joint them is a link of possibilities and a commitment to built art in their social and physical environments. They challenge each other from creative parameters, on a platform base in the same distance of connexion with different coordenates, space, weather, surroundings, peoples, background....